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This LJ belongs to Alexei, Possum and Norah, with occasional visitations by Makani. What little of it isn't private is friends-locked, and will remain so.

Please understand that while none of us are particularly unfriendly - in fact we all tend to like people - the majority of this system is rather introverted and there are times we need somewhere to lurk without people. In short, this is where we all go to burn out.

This also is, contradictarily, our community-joining account. The reasons can be summed up as:

1/ An anti-trolling measure, considering some of our areas of interest and communities intended to join.

2/ Keeping this part of our lives seperate and unknown from our offline friends who frequent Alexei's public LJ. Much as he loves his friends he has no desire to out himself or his system as being multiple, as the majority of them are people he knows IRL.

3/ Community posts cluttering up our f-list. Yes, we know they can be filtered, but really it's easier to just have an LJ in which we can read all of them at once whenever we feel like it.

And that is all.

Alexei, Possum, Norah and Makani,
The Most Excellent League of Allied Co-Conspirators


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